Product Safety

Magformers® LLC takes great pride in ensuring its products are safe for all users. We use HQABS and sonic welding to ensure the strongest possible plastic bond to hold our magnets in place.

To ensure safety is upheld at all times follow the guidelines below:

  • This product contains magnets. Swallowing magnets can be fatal. If magnets are swallowed, call your doctor or get emergency medical treatment immediately. 
  • Do not throw the product towards faces. 
  • Do not place the product near fire. 
  • To clean the product, wipe it with a dry towel. 
  • Excess impact or force may damage the product and cause injury. 
  • Contact MAGFORMERS regarding any damaged or broken product. 
  • Keep damaged products away from infants, toddlers and children. 
  • A harmless odor may be noticed when first opening the product. This product contains magnets. 
  • Do not place near credit cards or electronic devices, including mobile phones, computers, monitors, TVs, portable storage devices, etc. 
  • Product use not recommended in environments or climates that exceed 80 °F of humidity in excess of 90%. 
  • Do not place in liquid. 
  • To minimize the risk of cracking or damaging the product, do not use outdoors.