Magformers are popular toys, so it's no surprise there are hundreds of counterfeit Magformers toys on the market. With the exponential growth of e-commerce and online stores competing for consumer attention, knock-off products can be found all over the internet, even seemingly legitimate online marketplaces such as,, Facebook Marketplace, Etsy, and others.

Although many of these products may appear to be genuine and less costly replacements for their name brand counterparts, counterfeits are unregulated and unsafe and can have severe safety consequences for consumers and their families. Every line of Magformers Toys, including Clicformers, Tileblox, Dolce Plush Toys, and our line of KidsME baby feeding products are subject to regular safety testing to ensure all pieces are manufactured to the highest safety standard, and that small parts are encapsulated and will stay in one piece with a reasonable level of abuse.

The cause and the impact on consumer safety has inspired Magformers CEO, Chris Tidwell, and Sales & Operations Manager, Merle Saddick to team up with The Toy Association and meet with Senator Bill Cassidy about the issue surrounding fake toys and how we can fight back against the growth of counterfeits online.

"Overseas counterfeiting had reached an all-time high, and the burden of enforcement is on US Manufactures.That is why it is important to share our concerns with Capital Hill."

- Chris Tidwell, Magformers CEO

Why Buy the Real Deal?

  • Counterfeits are unsafe and unregulated, causing severe safety concerns.
  • Counterfeits hurt innovation by using someone's intellectual property without their permission.
  • Counterfeits can also damage a companies brand reputation when a product is faulty or malfunctioning.
  • Most important, Magformers provides genuine care and after our products are purchased.

You'll know you have the real deal because we emboss every Magformers shape with the word Magformers. Read the Toy Association's white paper here.

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