It was just over a year ago that Magformers first received the STEM-authentication from™ with 34 of our sets.

We're excited to announce that we've added an additional 18 sets to our STEM-Authenticated Magformers for a total of 50 sets with the certification. Even better, our other 4 Brands: Clicformers, Tileblox, and Dolce have all officially received the STEM certification!

The Authenticated™ trustmark streamlines consumer’s ability to identify resources that conform to vetted STEM standards, thus assisting with quick decision-making in favor of quality. When parents and educators observe Educational Research™’s seal, they know that products will: 

  • Integrate seamlessly into STEM-friendly classrooms and homes
  • Align to Science, Technology, Engineering, and/or Math standards
  • Support the development of learner’s 21st Century Skills
  • Engage users through hands-on learning and collaboration
  • Ensure a secure, third-party review and evaluation process. Educational Research™ takes into consideration the following criteria when assessing each item: STEM Subjects, 21st Century Skills, Sensory Stimulation, Diversity & Inclusion, Communication & Socialization, Kinesthetics & Active Play, Growth Accommodation, Support Materials.™ made note that Magformers' items excelled during our evaluation process, scoring in the top 87.5 percentile of over 1,100 STEM products reviewed since 2014.

To shop all STEM-Authenticated Sets, click HERE or check out below the list of each Brand's STEM Certified Sets.

Magformers STEM-Authenticated Sets:

Mastermind 115 Pc Set
Math 42 Pc Set
School Series 180 Pc Set
Neon 14 Pc Set 
Rainbow 14 Pc Set
Rainbow 62 Pc Set
XL Cruisers 32 Pc Car Set
Rainbow 30 Pc Set
Challenger 112 Pc Set
Super Magformers 30 Pc Set 
Designer 62pc Set
Smart 144 Pc Set
Rainbow 26 Pc Set
Wow 16pc Set
Inspire 14 Pc Set 
Inspire 30 Pc Set 
My First 30 Pc
Math Set 87 Pc Set
Designer Carnival 46 Pc Set 
Pythagoras Set 47 Pc 
Designer 30 Pc Set 
Creative 90 Pc Set
Magnets in Motion 32 Pc Gear Set 
Magnets in Motion 37 Pc Gear Set 
Magnets in Motion 61 Pc Gear Set 
Magnets in Motion 83 Piece Power Set 
Creator 26 Pieces
Creator 30 Pieces
Neon 26 Pc Set (Anniversary Set)
Designer 14 Pc Set
Primary Color 14 Pc Set 
Animal Jumble 40 Set
Animal Jumble 60 Set 
Max's Playground Set
Maggy's House Set 
Minibot's Kitchen Set 
Milo's Mansion Set 
Amaz!ng Transform Wheel Set
Amaz!ng Police & Rescue Set 
Amaz!ing Police Set
Amaz!ing Rescue Set
Amaz!ing Construction Set
Sky Track Play 64 Pc Set
Sky Track Adventure 64 Pc Set
Sky Track 54 Pc Set - Amazon Exclusive
Shapes and More 20 Set
Shapes and More 33 Set 
Curve 20 Pc Set
My First Pastel 30 Pc Set 
Log House 87 Pc Set
Log Cabin 48 Pc Set 

Clicformers STEM-Authenticated Sets:

Clicformers®: Rescue Set 73 PCS
Clicformers®: Police Set 72 PCS
Clicformers®: Construction Set 74 PCS
Clicformers®: Basic Set 110 PCS 
Clicformers®: Basic Set 150 PCS
Clicformers®: Basic Set 30 PCS 
Clicformers®: Basic Set 50 PCS
Clicformers®: Basic Set 70 PCS
Clicformers®: Basic Set 90 PCS
Clicformers®: Basic Set 200 PCS
Clicformers®: Basic Set 300 PCS
Clicformers®: Speed Wheel Set 34 PCS

Tileblox STEM-Authenticated Sets:

Rainbow 14 Piece Set
Inspire 20 Piece Set
Rainbow 20 Piece Set
Rainbow 30 Piece Set 
Inspire 42 Piece Set
Rainbow 60 Piece Set
Rainbow 42 Piece Set
Rainbow 104 Piece Set
Inspire 60 Piece Set

DOLCE Plush STEM-Authenticated Sets:

Musical Giraffe
Play and Learn Monkey 
Play and Learn Whale 
My First Clock 
Pull Along Elephant 
Activity Zebra 
Siamese Cat
Afghan Hound 
Safari Adventure 
Sensory Dragonfly 
Pull Along Color Snail 
Baby Aardvark 
Walrus Sorter 
Activity Llama 
Owl Clock
Activity Zebra 
Siamese Cat 
Rabbit Back Pack - Neck Support 
Mouse Back Pack - Neck Support 
Rabbit Back Pack 
Mouse Back Pack 
Bubble Car 
Tug Boat 
Sports Car 
Hanging Travel Bird 
Shaker Peacock 
Shaker Parrot 
Activity Owl 
Activity Camel 
Activity Hanging Hedgehog 
Activity Hanging Chameleon 
Activity Hanging Zebra 
Shaker Chicken 
Shaker Peacock 

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