We love hearing from our young builders with their feedback on what they can create with their favorite toys.  With school out for summer, Jayda and her brother Ronald sent us a video with their own insight on building with Clicformers.  Read the review below or watch the video to see what they built with the Clicformers Basic Set!

Hi, my name is Jayda Johnson- Ronald Johnson is my brother- and this note I’m writing is explaining my first experience playing with Clicformers. The minute I opened the box I immediately saw all of those colors and shapes I knew that they were going to be fun to play with. The first toy I built were headphones. But I didn’t use the book for all my building. I also used my IMAGINATION!!! It’s never too late to use your imagination. Clicformers Has also inspires me to be an engineer. So, to wrap up this note Clicformers is good for using your imagination and for fun. Have fun creating Clicformers!!! Thank you

Hello, I’m Ronald Johnson and I’m writing this paragraph to tell about my experience with Clicformers. When I first started playing with them I was Confused and didn’t know how to use them. As I laid the pieces out I looked in the book to see how to actually use them and to see different things like a mini car, storage crates, and garbage cans. So, everything I built with Clicformers I let my imagination take control because there are many things you can build with Clicformers.